Our Approach

Every inspection and project is unique. Can't say we have seen it all, however we have seen a lot in 30 years. Ownership of every project and enthusiasm, sets us apart from others. I can picture in my mind how the home was built, remodeled and repaired. My reports are narratives with pictures, not checklists.

Our Story

When I was 12 years old my parents took us to Las Vegas and I watched the construction of a casino, I knew then that building would be my career. everything made sense. I became a journeyman carpenter, building contractor, project manager and a small business owner. My experiences in remodeling and new construction, give me the confidence to be an inspector and the drive to solve problems. That is what we do "we call them as we see them and we provide a reasonable solution"

I designed and built this home called Woodfern, We sold it just as the recession started.